The method to nourish

by 5 kinds of purred vegetable and fruit juice


  1. Celery: help to have bon appetite, keep blood presser low, lower blood cholesterol level, loose weight, make urinate easily, dissolve all kinds of organís stones, strengthen the teeth, harmonize all body systems.
  2. Chinese cucumber: Purify the Blood,lower blood cholesterol level, ease the thirst, lessen the chance to have infection, increase the metabolism of the body.
  3. Red or green bell pepper capsicum: Heel the infected liver, de-infect the infected intestines, clean up all mouldiness, strengthen bones and muscles, fade out all spots on the skin, ease swollenness, cure the carbuncles, lung-tonic.
  4. Chinese bitter cucumber (bitter melon): cure all infections, ease the thirst, help to have bon appetite, detoxicate, ease swollenness, cure the carbuncles, cure the hand and feet coldness, brain-tonic and strengthen the vision.
  5. Apple (select the large size): stomach-tonic, release stress, help the digestion system, release muscle aches, lessen the depression, lessen the abnormal sweat, laxative and release the constipation, make the skin beautiful.



Caution: Only fresh vegetable and fruits should be used.


The method to make:

Vegetable and fruits should be well cleaned and mixed. Using a juicer to extract about 500 cc juice for one normal consume. In serious case, the amount can be increase to 800 cc for an adult. Do not add water, sugar or any other drinks.



Drink in the morning when stomach is empty. Eating after a while. Do not add water, sugar or any other drinks because it might lessen the effect of this compound. After this juice is made, it should be drunk in 15 minutes because the compound is less effective if left for a long time.


Relief for: high and low blood presser, depression, diabetes, memory lost, liver diseases, toothache, obesity, constipation, often urinate, sleeping disorder, gals blade diseases, muscle ache,stomach diseases, headache, rheumatism,abnormal sweat, hemorrhoids, lung diseases, eye diseases, infected kidney, kidney stones, skin diseases, and specially some kinds of cancers